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Become an Organizational Development Consultant!

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Do you have a broad understanding of nonprofit administration and/or expertise in small business development? Become a Pathways Consultant with 501 Commons and make a fundamental difference in an organization’s ability to more effectively deliver their mission!


Pathways is a short consultative process that provides a framework for what it means to be a healthy nonprofit, tips on how an organization can “easily” move themselves up the ladder, and personalized assistance working through their more challenging issues. It is meant to help organizations take stock of where they are at and daylight a way forward.


Grounded in the Five Elements of a Healthy Nonprofit Assessment, Pathways helps organizations reflect on their own ability to:

  1. Exercise strong governance and oversight
  2. Demonstrate good management practices and a healthy organizational culture
  3. Secure the resources needed to carry out their missions and be accountable for management of funds
  4. Communicate and steward relationships with people who give them money, use what they create, help them meet their mission, and carry their message
  5. Deliver efficient and effective programs, services, and administrative systems


Pathways consultants work in teams of two to:

  • Facilitate the self-assessment process and help an organization reach consensus on where they are in regards to each of the five elements
  • Discuss easily addressed opportunities and help the organization determine priorities for additional consultation
  • Refer to curated recommendations in addition to doing a little research of their own to compose tailored suggestions to help the organization move the needle in a positive way

The entire Pathways process includes a series of four meetings over the course of 6-8 weeks along with approximately 15 hours of consulting per volunteer. Work with an organization who exists to help nonprofits throughout Washington State succeed and make a difference with an agency in your own area.


For more information about Pathways or volunteering with 501 Commons, contact


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