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The Low Income Housing Institute (LIHI) develops and provides affordable housing to over 3,900 low income, homeless and formerly homeless people. We assist those we serve in maintaining stable housing and increasing their self-sufficiency through a range of supportive services, and advocate for just housing policies at the local and national levels.

 This position will assist with the fulfillment of needs of the residents of LIHI property. The purpose of the fulfillment of needs to the residents is based on the non-affordability outside of rent because of the low income threshold they are placed in, which leaves individuals and families with very little money for other basic needs in life such as bedding, blankets, kitchen utensils,cleaning supplies, lamps, computers & learning tools for children,etc.

The Area Community Outreach Volunteer will reach out to the community and to residents for programs and resources to engage the individual and family residents into being active in their neighborhood. Training will be available from volunteer staff from LIHI.


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