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Adopt A Stream Foundation

Who We Are

The Adopt A Stream Foundation was founded in August of 1985 with the mission stated above: "to teach people how to become stewards of their watersheds." Initially, all activities were run by volunteers who organized and conducted two very successful international "Adopt A Stream Conferences" attended by environmental educators and stream restoration specialist from throughout the Pacific NW, CA, AK and Japan. Then, best sellers "Adopting A Stream: A NW Handbook" and "Adopting A Wetland: A NW Guid" were published. In the 1990's AASF secured support from several agencies to conduct "Streamkeeper Field Training" workshops for educators and community leaders in WA,OR, ID,MT, CA, NV, and BC Canada. During that period, AASF hired a small professional staff. The "Streamkeepers Field Guide: Watershed Inventory and Stream Monitoring Methods" (now in its 3rd printing - 17,000 copies are in use now by stream and river groups, colleges, universities, and high schools across the U.S. and Canada. Also, during the 90's, we produced the "Streamkeeper" video starring Bill Nye "the Science Guy." In addition, we leased a 20-acre site from Snohomish County Parks and Recreation in Mc Collum Park where we could develop the NW Stream Center into a regional environmental learning facility, and we hired a team of ecologist and technicians who spend their time restoring degraded fish and wildlife habitat. That work continues and, now, we are putting the final touches on features at the Northwest Stream Center which will become a regional attraction for those interested in stream, wetland, and forest ecology...or perhaps are simply wanting to look through viewing windows at trout and crawfish through the viewing windows of the Trout Stream Exhibit, or take a stroll through a very complex wetland and forest system next to North Creek on the new Elevated Nature Trail

What We Do

Adopt A Stream Foundation's mission is "to teach people how to become stewards of their watersheds." That mission is carried out by producing environmental education material, conducting Streamkeeper Academy events for all age, and providing local communities with stream and wetland restoration technical assistance. To expand environmental education capacity, we are developing the Northwest Stream Center that has been designed as a place where up to 45,000 people a year will be able to learn the interconnections between forests, wetlands, streams, fish, wildlife and people...and how they can become stewards of their home watersheds. We are working very hard now to prepare for a fall opening of the Northwest Stream Center