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AIDS Project Snohomish County

Who We Are

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in Atlanta, 40,000 new HIV infections occur annually nationwide. Here in Washington State there presently are approximately 10,000 persons living with AIDS. About 600 live here in Snohomish County. These are known AIDS cases. The statistic and rate of HIV infection is not as concrete. A person living with HIV may not know she or he is infected, may be otherwise healthy, yet the HIV virus can still be contracted from an infected person. While certain groups of people are at higher risk, all ages and walks of life can be susceptible. Whether a teen, a senior citizen, a gay or heterosexual couple, the risk of HIV can exist. The goal of AIDS Project Snohomish County is to support programs in our community that focuses on prevention of further HIV transmission and on supporting those who are infected with HIV/AIDS through the provision of life-enhancing services. For 10 years, between 1993 and 2002, AIDS Project Snohomish County held annual AIDS Walks, to raise awareness and funding. As the size of the volunteer pool dwindled and Board members passed away or moved to other challenges, the AIDS Walks discontinued and other fundraising events occurred, such as the Dine In/Art Auction in 2004. Today funding comes from United Way donations, Albertson's affinity cards, PUD and the Snohomish County Employee annual drives, Microsoft staff donations, and private funding. There currently is a renewed effort to begin an annual public awareness/fundraising event. The seven members of the Board meet regularly. The Board members are volunteers. There is no paid staff. Recent Programs Supported * Pacific Treatment Alternatives - Drop-in center for HIV Prevention * Helpers of People with AIDS - Friendship Meal * World AIDS Day Events * Annual Links & Alliance Conference for Gay Youth * Snohomish County AIDS Memorial on the Courthouse Grounds

What We Do

Advocacy and fundraising for care and prevention of HIV/AIDS


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